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    Our Vision is to inspire, support, and empower all students to believe in themselves, achieve personal goals, and succeed academically.

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Staff Spotlight

  • You can shout out your BES teachers and staff! We know this is an especially difficult time for everyone, so if you see something that made you or your child smile or feel seen or heard, let us know so that we can all encourage one another during COVID! 

    If you would like to provide a staff shoutout, please click .

     Ms. Barros

    A shoutout from one of our families talks about our substitute music teacher!  We love Ms. Barros!

    "We are all enjoying the enthusiasm and energy Ms. Barros is bringing to music class! Even asynchronously, they are engaging and fun for the kids. You can really tell she enjoys her job, and it's hard not to smile when watching her videos. Thank you for making music even *more* fun for the kids!"


    The next three shoutouts are for some of our virtual teachers - they are working so hard to bring learning to life online!


    "You are the best teacher in the galaxy!" one student says about Ms. DeJohn


    Another student complimented Ms. Snidemiller, "You make online Kindergarten awesome!"

    Ms. Seibel

    One student wanted everyone to know that "Ms.Siebel[sic] is very good at teaching, very kind, and patient!"


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School Wide Events

  • Winter V Summer graphic

    Fun Friday!

    Super SibankaDecember's theme is - WINTER vs. SUMMER!  Its a battle between the seasons!  You can dress up like a snowflake, a snowman, a polar bear, or wear your favorite winter gear to school if winter is your favorite season!  Or if you just can't get enough of the sun, dress up like the sun, a palm tree, the beach, or wear your favorite warm weather tee to school!  As always, get creative and have fun!

    Super SibankaIf your favorite season is Spring or Fall, you can do that too!  Dress up like leaves, a pumpkin or apple to represent fall and wear bright colors, dress up like a flower or a rain shower to represent spring!

    Super SibankaIf you just love all the seasons, do a mashup!    

    Have so much fun, and I can't wait to see your favorite season!


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    2021 - 2022 School Year


    Learn more about the enrollment process for kindergarten by clicking here



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