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  • Our Incredible Little Leopards:

    Izzy, my 2nd grader, had a class talent show at the end of the day. Watching the whole class do the floss together while their teacher played music on google meet was the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

    My son (5th) gave me a big bear hug after one of his classes. I asked him why I was getting such a big hug, and he said random mom hugs were the best part of virtual learning... that, and pajama pants. 🙂 It's the little things we will remember when this is all said and done.

    While having Friday night pizza we were discussing pizza “bones” (crust) and my kindergartener turns to me with a big smile and says “b...b...bones...that’s Bouncy Ben’s sound!!!”

    Noah, kindergarten, loves doing his seesaw activities. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s making YouTube videos, because he ends each recording with, “I had so much fun! Bye guys!”

    Super SibankaEmma (4th) does a fantastic job of logging in for live meets and checking for assignments. She completes them independently on time and knows to read (and triple read) directions before asking for help. Makes my teacher heart happy!

    This week Lucas (1st) taught our 4 year old daughter what a steady beat is and then got so sad when he found out he was shorted a day of art due to Labor Day! He can also share his screen without difficulty, I mean he’s 7! I just figured out how to do this!